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5 Things I Did Wrong in Tulum, Mexico !

After two years of the growing popularity, I've finally made it to Tulum, Mexico !!! It has been such an amazing city to visit and I can not wait to return. While doing my research, I've seen tons of people talk about how amazing Tulum is, and trust me, it IS amazing; BUT no one talks about the downsides. I'm here to tell you everything I did wrong and how to save yourself unnecessary stress while traveling in Tulum.


One of my BIGGEST regrets while traveling in Tulum was NOT having a car or some form of transportation. Yes cabs are easily accessible, but if you're not staying on the main strip and have to commute back and forth from your airbnb, cabs add UP !!! Not only do they add up, the prices change depending on the time of day and boy, it gets pricey...especially traveling back and forth to the main area 2x a day. Cabs range in price from $25 usd to $50 usd ONE WAY. Parking is easily accessible at almost all airbnbs/hotels and the downtown I 100% regret NOT renting a car. Driving around Tulum is a little crazy, but if you drive in a big city such as NYC, LA, ATL, you can 100% handle driving in Tulum. Cars are available at the airport and you can negotiate pricing there, but it wouldve cost me $200 for 5 days and I spent that amount in 2 days in taxi's alone (insert cringe face) please, RENT A CAR !! Renting a bike, moped, scooter or atv is fine as well....but save your money and just rent something !


I THOUGHT my discover card was internationally accepted...and it is...BUT in Tulum, it was NOT accepted ANYWHERE !!!! Luckily I had other credit and debit cards, but it was quite annoying. Using a visa/mastercard or amex is widely accepted in Tulum and will save you a ton of stress.


Yes it easy to use your visa/mastercard/amex at most places...but have cash or pesos on hand to use for tips or buying street food. Its also good to have pesos or cash to negotiate with store vendors for souvenirs or gifts to bring back home. Its also easier to tip your servers/waiters with cash. Depending on your length of stay, I recommend taking out at least $400. Convert $200 into pesos = about 4000mxn and keep the rest to tip in USD.


I'm embarrassed to say that I only had authentic Mexican food ONCE...yes only once (insert cringe face). Literally had an amazing taco from a man riding a food cart/bike and it was so so yummy. I wish I would've had the opportunity or more time to go eat like a local with the locals. When in Tulum, there are alot of mom and pop restaurants that deserve a visit and i'm sure the food is amazing. I am making it a point to eat at a few of them during my next visit.


Another embarrassing moment of mine, not visiting the Tulum Ruins. The ruins are only about 2.5 miles from central Tulum, so its not far...but I missed out. I had it planned in my itinerary, but never got around to it. There are a few different ruins located in Mexico, but the Tulum ruins sit right above the Caribbean Sea, so the ocean views are gorgeous. You can also visit the beach there, which is only accessible by visiting the ruins. I will be sure to make it here the next time I visit Tulum.

After exposing myself, I hope you all will avoid these 5 things I did WRONG in Tulum. I want you all to enjoy everything Tulum has to offer, and trust me...its A LOT...but please avoid these 5 mistakes. Tulum is such a spiritual, beautiful and rejuvenating place that we all need to visit.

P.S. If you need more tips and tricks for Tulum, here is my mini Tulum travel guidez i'll tell you where I took this picture, where to eat, what to do and everything you should and shouldn't do ;-)

Happy Travels !

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02 de mai. de 2022

This is really good to know. I hope you had a great time


01 de mai. de 2022

Okay this was super useful! Thank you!


26 de abr. de 2022

Thank you for this list! My partner and I are planning on visiting Mexico in September. We will look into renting a car and making sure our CC is accepted there.


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