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New York City's Newest luxury Day Spa: QC NY !

Ladies and gentleman...the hottest new day spa has opened in NYC and it lives up to ALL the expectations.

QC NY opened its doors March 2022 and its the FIRST United States wellness center for the QC Group. QC NY is part of the renowned QC Terme Spas and Resorts, which was only found in Europe, till now. QC NY is a new destination day spa located on Governors Island, NYC. QC Terme Spas and Resorts was established in Italy by two brothers, Saverio and Andrea Quadrio Curzio in 1982. They have 9 world class wellness centers located all over Europe and I've added them ALL to my bucket list.

I love day spas that really transform you into another place and you lose track of time. QC Terme is built on history and culture. In ancient times, the Roman baths were places of wellness, gathering, and relaxation. The thermal waters would offer spiritual rejuvenation and wellness. QC Terme has maintained these ancient traditions and kept to the local history throughout each of their 9 locations in Italy and France.

Governors Island

QC NY is located on Governors Island, south of Manhattan and just a 7-minute ferry ride from the city. Governors Island was re-opened to the public in 2005. Not only can you now visit QC NY, but you can also visit all the old military buildings, picnic grounds and just explore everything Governors Island has to offer....and its a lot !


I can admit, I am a spa snob. When I first walked into QC NY, it was breathtaking. The beauty of the building, the aromas and the aesthetics were just incredible. Every room gives you a view of Manhattan, Brooklyn or New Jersey. With over 20 different wellness experiences, all curated with its on vibe...there is something for everyone. From foot baths, infrared beds, dry, wet and steam saunas, you have your pick of wellness treatments. When you arrive, they provide you with everything and all you need to bring is a bathing suit. Along with all the indoor amenities, there is a beautiful infinity pool and patio area where you can relax and have an amazing view. The infinity pool is heated and the views of Manhattan are unmatched, I promise you will be blown away. Usually I can find something 'wrong' whenever I visit a spa, but there wasn't one thing I could pinpoint. They thought of every single detail and it was pure perfection. From the loadable bracelets to make food purchases at the bistro, the Dyson blow dryers in the locker rooms and the shampoo/conditioners in the showers....nothing was forgotten. In addition to the day spa entrance fee, they offer customizable massages.

I initially planned to stay there for about 2hrs... but by the time I left, I had been there for 6hrs, and I didn't even realize it...yes six whole hours. It literally did not feel that long, but I was so relaxed that I didn't realize how fast the time went by. I spent most of time outside on the patio watching the ferries go by, but my favorite treatment room by far was the steam bath/one thousand and one nights. It cleared out all my sinuses and I felt AMAZING once I left.

If you're looking for your next day escape away from the city, QC NY is the perfect place to go ! The Skincare Barbie approves, 10 out of 10 !!


Dec 03, 2022