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The Newest luxury Day Spa In Brooklyn : World Spa NYC

Moroccan Hammam


Finally, after 5 years of construction, WORLD SPA NYC is OPEN!!!! You guys do NOT understand my excitement. I've seen this building with the logo on it for years and I have been patiently (not really) waiting for this gorgeous spa to open and its finally here!!

World Spa NYC is a 50,000 urban bathhouse and wellness club located in Brooklyn, NY. With three floors of various cultural and traditional experiences from around the world, you have your pick of Finnish saunas, authentic Russian banyas, Moroccan and Turkish Hammams, Himalayan salt therapy, Japanese Onsen Baths, infrared light rooms, snow room, various pools and so much more.

Once you arrive and get checked into World Spa NYC, you head to the gorgeous locker room where you are given your own robe and slippers. Admission pricing is - Mon (unlimited pass) $95

- Tues -Thurs, $90 (unlimited pass)

- Fri, $95 (unlimited pass)

- Sat - Sun $115 (unlimited pass)

- Holiday Pass $115 (4hrs)

Once I arrived, I really didn't know what to expect just based on the exterior, but that interior... BAYBEEEEEEE its breathtaking!! Everything caught me by surprise, and I mean EVERYTHING!

When you arrive, you get checked in they give you a rubber bracelet and a locker #. Your locker has your robe and towels. The bathroom is stunning, and the floors are HEATED....yes, I said heated and that was such a nice lil treat. I'm lowkey obsessed with heated floors lol.


Once you change and head upstairs to the spa area, you're greeted by concierge, and they direct you on where to go. I really was blow away with the size and magnitude of World Spa NYC. The spa floor is huge, and all the experiences are on one main level. The spa is made up of three different floors, first floor is where the changing room and facial treatment rooms are, second floor is where all the main spa experiences are, and third floor is where the Birch + Oak members only club is located.

I was able to take a global wellness tour and I visited Morocco, Turkey and Russia. I really have a hard time picking one experience that was my fave, but I really enjoyed the Moroccan Hammam, Turkish Hammam and the Russian petite banya. If you are unaware of what a hammam or banya is, just know that you NEED to try one, you will be HOOKED !!

- Hammam : public steam room/bath house

-Banya : Russian steam bath with wood stove

If you're someone that wants to detox and enjoys a lot of steam and humidity, I HIGHLY recommend sitting in the Turkish Hammam. Sit in there for a few mins and you will sweat, detox, be relaxed and the stone is heated and helps relieve muscle pain. I also enjoy the chromatherapy which also helps with healing properties and energy balancing effects. The Moroccan Hammam is just as good, but the humidity and heat level is much lower. That steam in the Turkish Hammam had me in a chokehold and I felt so relieved and relaxed.

My next favorite experience was the petite banya. I typically don't enjoy sitting in dry heat BUT I was able to experience a Russian Venik Platza and it was such a beautiful ceremony. A venik is a leafy, fragrant bundle of oak, eucalyptus, juniper and birch tree twigs. The venik helps with muscle and joint pain, cleanses the skin, accelerates healing and the leaves contain essential oils, vitamins C and A. Although I did not book a private venik platza, doing it with a group was just as amazing. It was a mini 5-minute experience and it was AMAZING.


  • The Banchik will lightly flagellate to stimulate blood flow into the skin and release the Venik leaves’ phytoncides (antimicrobial organic compounds), to stimulate the body’s immune system, tannins, and flavonoids, flushing toxins away. Venik Platza combines the natural healing power of three leaves with the revitalizing heat of the Banya to alleviate stress and pain in your muscles and joints.

I've never experienced something like this before, but I felt AMAZING after, it was like a boost of energy and my sinuses were CLEAR.

I give World Spa NYC a 10/10...there was nothing I would change about my was pure perfection and I'm glad it's only a 30min walk from my house, I will absolutely be there often, like way to often lol.

Let me know if yall plan to visit, as you know, I NEVER steer yall wrong when it comes to beauty or spa recommendations. I always got yall back :_)

Here is just a snippet of my Venik Platza Ritual down below.


Kara Britton
Kara Britton
Dec 13, 2022

That sounds like an amazing experience. This really makes me want to go to a spa, it’s long overdue though lol because I’ve wanted to go to a spa since I was a teen.


Dec 13, 2022

This spa sounds absolutely amazing! Loving the sound of the heated floors! It sounds so good!



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