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Get To Know Me, TheSkincareBarbie!!!!

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" I'd like to work as little as possible and make as many dollars possible" - Scott Disick

Heyyy everyone, welcome back && hello to all the newbies here !! My name is Tatiana aka TheSkincareBarbie and this is my new blog/website, and I am soooo glad that you are all here !!

I wanted to write a lil introduction, so you all could virtually meet ME :-)

Be original, show off your style, and tell your story.”

My name is Tatiana, I'm 31 (yikes) from Queens, NYC. I'm a milf, and I have one 10yr old son. I am bougie and NOT ashamed or embarassed by it, because it makes ME...ME. I love traveling, spa-ing, shopping, sightseeing, trying new restaurants and just living life (kourtney kardashian voice). I also am obsessed with the kardashians and I am NOT okay that the season is over -_-..... #sendhelp . Animal lover, depression survivor, spa connoisseur, muggle born gryffindor, makeup artist and esthetician.

I've been a professional makeup artist since 2011, and esthetician since 2020. I am OBSESSED with all things beauty and skincare related and I WILL try anything once. How am I supposed to know if I like something without me trying it first ?! I will be your skincare ginuea pig lol. I also am highly obsessed with all things global skincare...South Korea, Japan, Sierra Leone, Spain...I just love skincare from all over.

I've created this blog for all of us to connect, for me to share all of my skincare tips, tricks and hacks. Tell you where to travel, what spas are worth a visit and which treatments to try.

Thank you for joining me, and I look forward to taking this journey with you.

Luv you all,

Xoxo, TheSkincareBarbie


Hey y'all, thanks for stopping by!

"My vibe right now is just living life..." - Kourtney Kardashian

Let the posts
come to you.

Thank you !

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